Stephanie is a highly capable and intelligent Educational Support Officer at our school who is a key player and stakeholder in our Literacy Support and Literacy Recovery Programs. Her duties involve working in one on one and small group settings to help improve the educational outcomes of students who are at risk in the area off literacy.  Stephanie uses a range of educational assessment tools to identify learning difficulties from which she creates very specific individualised and engaging learning programs.  These programs compliment the learning programs taking place in the classroom.   The data that has been collected on these students reveals that their improvement is marked and their confidence grows with every session.  Over a number of years Stephanie has undertaken a broad range of professional development programs and reviewed the most current and relevant literature concerning the effective teaching of spelling and reading to young people.  It is clear that she has used this information to inform her practice and to create programs that improve the educational opportunities of these students.  Her passion for the work is clear and valued by everyone within our school community.
Peter de Wacht      Principal Bayswater West Primary School

Stephanie provides a highly effective program for students with learning challenges, including dyslexia and auditory processing issues. She has extensively researched and studied various programs and has a wealth of strategies to share with these students in weekly small group sessions.  I have found Stephanie to be a professional, organised, enthusiastic and motivated teacher and learner.  She has made a significant difference to the studetns that she is involved with and is a valued colleague and team member at Bayswater West PS.    Justine Briggs             Teaching and Learning Coordinator  BWPS

Riley has Duyslexia and has been Irlen tested.  Steph's tutoring has been a great help to Riley and we have noticed a huge improvement in his school work and attitude to have a go.  Steph helps Riley with strategies in sounding out words and understanding how words are made up.  Steph is always encouraging and makes learning fun.     Carmen       Parent

Steph manages to teach all the spelling rules and grammar clearly and simply, making it easy for my daughter to grasp and remember the information given.  It has made such a difference in a short space of time and it is lovely to see my daughter becoming more confident in her spelling and writing abilities.    Sue      Parent 

I have known Stephanie Wallace for three years and I have come to know her as an intelligent, caring natured person, who can be relied upon. Steph tutored my 9 year old son for approx 1 year as he was struggling with his school work. Due to Stephs tutoring my son now tackles his work with confidence and has greatly improved. Steph is passionate about her work and students and is a wonderful teacher. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.  Leanne   Parent

I like your website.  I found the firt of your pages on handwriting most enlightening.  The problem you discuss is so obvious in hindsight but no-one seems to take account of it.  You deserve every success and those you seek to help deserve it too.    Norm Morcom   Morcom Pernat