Other Ways to Motivate your Child to Want to Read

Children learn through play – a simple fact.
Creating games for them to participate in when learning a particular skill will often achieve a more productive outcome than direct and specific instructions.    Of course some children do very well with the latter but I have yet to meet a child who does not like to have fun!!  Follow the procedure in the Reading for Reading's Sake section as well to prevent the child from stopping and starting by sounding out words.

Some ways to make reading time different..........

Firstly Set a specific amount of time to read ie 10 minutes so it is not a seemingless endless task for a child.   Use a stop watch, mobile phone etc.  A kitchen clock is really good as it also helps children learn to tell the time.  For children with dyspraxia etc who have no concept of time itself, they can visualise the time instead. 

 Dicey Stories

Short story book – have two dice that are thrown for the page number that has to be read.  The numbers can be added together or placed next to each other.  Challenge your child to think of ways to get numbers that the dice cannot make such as 1 0 etc.  It is quite amazing what they will come up with.  Some of my most popular games and activities were created by the children I teach!!  Write down the numbers of the pages and get your child to cross off each number as it is read.  You can also take a turn at reading a page or two or each take a turn if your child is really resistant to reading.

*  If someone gets a page with a picture........well that is their good luck and they get out of reading.  Whoopee!
     * Once you finish the story, you can have a challenge for front and back covers.......who gets to read the blurb on the back or reads the title on the front cover with author/illustrator etc.  Beneficial knowledge as well.
    *  Challenge your child to tell you the story even though it has been read out of sequence.  Show them a picture at the beginning, middle and end to help them.  Prompt them if they are struggling....
Remember this is not about them getting it right but about it being a fun thing to do so they want to read again!
          The benefits of this simple method are endless. 
  Reading becomes a fun activity that they will do again
            It is “one on one” time with a special adult in
                   their life
                      Numbers and maths are included
                             It involves problem solving
                                   It makes a child think
                                         It is stress free
Find My Word
When you have finished reading the story, take it in turns to give the other person a word to find in the book.  Have a time limit on it to make it egg timer for beginner readers or stop watch on a mobile phone for kids that are more competent.  
Children soon realise that many words are used a lot and will start to look for more unusual words.   It also helps them to think about where the words will be used in the context of the story .....beginning, middle or end which assists with their comprehension.  Include words on the covers of the book such as “author”, “publisher”  etc to familiarise them with the terminology they will come across in school. 
Be a Character in the Story
If a book has speaking parts, choose a character each.  Let the child be the narrator as well as a character.
Funny voice pages
Use different voices for each page!  Take it in turns to read a page each and see who can have the funniest voice.


Choose a sentence........and read it backwards!

More games and activities will be available in the Resources section in due course. 

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