Letter people
I have 26 children in the Playground, each with a name, a sound and a personality!  When we learn letters, we turn them into characters to make them come alive.
Children love to create their own "letter people" and they remember them far easier as "people" than just lines on a page.
Here are some examples of my "Letter People".  A full set will be available in due course under the Resource section.


When we are working on a spelling rule, I use Letter People for the vowels to "look" at the letters that are affecting them.  a above was created for Bossy w but it wasn't allowed to have a cross look according to my students at the time.....it had to have an "hello" look!  It is amazing how emotions and feelings can come into these "letter people" when children draw them............and that is how they remember them!

Simple but effective.........and a lot of fun, no matter how good or bad at drawing you or your children think you are....they are your "people" and your creation!

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