Playground Sound will constantly be developing and updating.  It is a work in progress as time allows.....and my knowledge of how it all works.
If you have any input to add............useful links that you have discovered........other strategies and ideas to help children with learning difficulties.............please email me at the address available in Contact us.   The more information I can add, the easier it will be for families to find the help they need for their children.
Frustrated at the number of children I have come across who are struggling with literacy (spelling in particular), I began a journey of discovery to find simple but effective ways to “kick start” these children.  To inspire them to want to learn and most importantly of all, to create a self-belief in their own abilities............that they are not “dumb” or “stupid” but need to learn in a way that suits them.   To establish why they have particular problems and what experts and people in academic environments are doing and achieving. There are numerous excellent phonics programmes and companies offering educational services but these often come at a cost.  Many families and schools simply cannot afford them.
The result was "Playground Sound", a simple but effective "kick start" spelling programme that builds a foundation of knowledge about English words.    It has been running at Bayswater West Primary School for the past two years with small groups of children from differing ability levels.  The results speak for themselves and it has been incredibly rewarding for me to see the difference it has made to these young people, not just with their spelling and literacy but with their confidence levels and self esteem.
I have created this website in the hopes that it will bring help to other children  through the adults in their lives, without the need for any costly outlay.  That it will be a good starting point for families looking for answers and seeking help........a process that can be incredibly time consuming and confusing. The website is a compilation of all that I have researched, studied and learnt over the past fourteen years together with strategies I have developed through my own personal experiences working with numerous children in physical development and academic environments.
Children with learning difficulties are some of the most vulnerable in our society but the right help and guidance can make such a difference to their futures.   The belief that they "can do it" and "have a go" without fear of failure is an essential beginning for them to succeed.
The Resource section of Playground Sound will be available with a membership access in due course.  It will provide Playground Sound programmes,  activities and games.
This website has been made possible thanks to the Layne Beachley Aim For the Stars Foundation, without whose support this would not have been possible.
The website development company, Sites 'n Stores, have been extremely patient with my lack of website knowledge.  Their personal attention to every detail has been greatly appreciated as has their excellent customer service and support.
I would especially like to acknowledge all the wonderful people I have met on my journey who have given me support, advice, guided me and helped me. In particular, the teachers and Principal at Bayswater West Primary school whose encouragement and enthusiasm have given me the determination to keep going despite life's tough moments.  A very special thanks to my family, particularly my children, Natasha and Dylan, who made me believe that I could do it!
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